Mdina, Rabat (2012.03.19)

Rabat (Festa St Joseph)
Rabat (Domus Romana)
Placed in the heart of the island, Mdina is medieval wal­led old capital and was first inhabited in 700 BC by the Phoenicians.

19th March, 2012
Every year the feast of St Joseph is celebrated at Rabat, on 19th March. Procession is held at the Church of "Ta' Giezu".

19th March, 2012
The mosaic pavements of Domus Romana in Ra­bat are illustration of Hel­le­nis­tic culture, produced with a fine tech­ni­que and dated to 25 BC.
19th March, 2012
Rabat (St. Paul's Church)
Rabat (Catacombs of St. Paul)
rabat (St Agathe Church)
The beautiful St. Paul's Church in Rabat stands above a grotto where St. Paul have taken refuge after his shipwreck.

19th March, 2012
The Catacombs of St. Paul in Rabat are a labyrinth of 3rd-century AD tombs and the earliest archaeological evidence of Christianity in Malta.
19th March, 2012
The St Agatha Church in Rabat was built in 1504. In 1670 the church was replaced by a larger one on the same site.

19th March, 2012