Valetta & St. Paul's Bay (2012.03.18)

Porte des Bombes
Argotti Botanical Gardens
Fossos Square
The Porte des Bombes is an ornamental gate in the Floriana Lines, which formed the outer de­fen­sive walls of Valletta.

18th March, 2012
Situated in Floriana, the Argotti Botanical Gardens were laid out in the 18th century as a private garden belonging to Grand Master Pinto.
18th March, 2012
Fossos Square - the fosse silos were dug in the rock at the Order as part of the military strategy to store grain for use in case of a siege.
18th March, 2012
Maglio Gardens (Independence Monument)
Triton Fountain
Valletta (Citadel)
Maglio Gardens (In­de­pen­den­ce Monument) - the Maglio Gardens cre­ated in the mid-16th cen­tu­ry by the French Knight Jean Lascaris.
18rd March, 2012
The Triton Fountain is the central feature in City Gate Square. This square also serves as the island's central bus terminus.

18th March, 2012
Valletta (Citadel) the city contains several buildings of historic importance: the most noteworthy being St John's Co-Cathedral.
18th March, 2012
St. Johns Co-Cathedral
St Paul's Bay
St. Johns Co-Cathedral, was built by the Knights of Malta between 1573 and 1578.

18th March, 2012
St Paul's Bay - a gi­gan­tic statue of the apostle erec­ted in 1845 on the islands of St Paul to com­me­mo­ra­te his shipwreck.
18th March, 2012